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Want to experience all that Qubeey has to offer on the web also?

Wish you had a way to enjoy Qubeey's features no matter whose computer you are on?

We heard your call! Qubeey is getting ready to launch our new web based version during the week of CES.

Be sure to check back and leverage the power of the qube anywhere that you have Internet access!


See What Qubeey Can Do!

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Qubeey - The ultimate internet communication tool has arrived! By combing social media & creative business solutions with new cutting-edge assertive reach functionality, Qubeey can transport tailor-made internet content instantly to your fingertips, anytime, anywhere, without a browser.

So get ready to shut down your browser and enter an entirely new frontier of communication with your friends, family, subscribers, customers, and fans! Utilizing the power of Qubeey, you no longer have to be dependent on a web browser in order to get the internet content that is important to you.

Assertive Notifications

One of Qubeey's core features is the ability for users to assertively reach their friends & followers by sending real time, interactive notifications that appear on their desktops, smart phones and tablets.

Qubeey Channels

Qubeey Channels allow you to tap into the internet world outside of a browser. With a Qubeey Channel, users can post pictures & videos, video chat 1 on 1 or with a group.