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Qubeey News & Updates


**May 26, 2011 --- Qubeey is a GIANT GO for Affiliate Launch !

Time to change the world together! 



**June 2, 2011 --- QUBEEY SIMPLIFIED VIDEO is here to

Break Down Qubeey for you and all your friends, prospects 

and Business Partners --- Like, Comment and Share Often:



This is just the beginning my friends so give us input and be patient.  


This is the page that you'll find the latest News and Updates about Qubeey & its events, new features, new functions, any launch/product information along with the latest personality, celeb & other new Qubeey Channels that have launched or will shortly.


Qubeey is gearing up for awesomeness around the globe -- Here is a sneak peak of the phases as they will be laid out in the upcoming and not too far off future! **As always, the information below is always subject to change!**





End User Features and Functions Version 1.0


  •  Chat via Text/Video
  •  Chat from CPU to Mobile or Web to Mobile
  •  Upload Video
  •  Record Video
  •  Update your other social sites
  •  Search for members
  •  Search for content
  •  Import your contacts
  •  Create public or private chat room
  •  Watch TV via Hulu
  •  Send/Receive Twitter Tweets
  •  Access Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, and other social sites from within the interface
  •  Online Profile Page
  •  Embed-able in many social profile pages
  •  Deploy on the desktop for BROWSER-LESS functionality
  •  Free Full Feature Channel – Unlimited Subscribers
  •  Free Video Conferencing
  •  Free Large File Transfer (Up to 2GB – Additional services available for a nominal per use fee)
  •  Free Live Video Broadcast
  •  Iphone Application (other mobile platforms to follow)
  •  Ipad Integration


Version 2.0 will include all of Version 1.0 features and function PLUS Android OS Application, VOIP Calling to Cell phones and Landlines, Advanced Voice Messaging Features, and Software Developers Kit.


Version 3.0 will include all of Version 1.0 and 2.0 and more…Product Placement, Branded Corporate Panels and User Personalization.


Qubeey  Upcoming Channels of Note:


Kelly Rowland (Destiny's Child)

Mindless Behavior

Kelly Price 


Cross Fit

Baby Signs

My Channel (A Channel to help set up your Channel)


Past Daily Tips & Events:


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