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What's the difference between a channel purchaser and an affiliate?


Nothing more than a mindset.............


There are a lot of Internet Marketers looking for a great opportunity to build something with a solid company that is going to be around for generations to come and is perfect for just that. This group may want to join Qubeey directly through the affiliate program while others such as companies, celebrities, musicians, bands, artists,  etc. (and there are a WHOLE lot of etc.) will be more interested in buying a channel directly. Both ways of signing up will give members the same abilities to use their channel(s) and earn! (Channel Purchasers will be able to opt-in as an affiliate at anytime at no extra charge in order to also earn off Direct Channel Sales!)  


Watch this page and the entire back office for updates and other information for you to use along the way (Along with our Daily Events & Qubeey Tips Calendar)! So, make yourself at home, be patient as it all unfolds and if you haven't already done so, send Qubeey to your Desktop. (Mobile coming soon!)


If you have any questions, comments or concerns, you can contact us by sending us a message on Qubeey and feel free to add us as a friend:




Meet some of the Qubeey Team!




 Rocky Wright - Owner, Designer & Creator of




 Kenny Bereal - Head of Entertainment




Jay Blount - V.P. of Sales




Matt Rappaport - Qubeey Affiliate Director




 Tim Green - Qubeey Affiliate Director



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Here is a 15 minute Qubeey Overview & Affiliate Presentation with 

Matt R and Tim G 

It's an overview of Qubeey and its' Affiliate Program plus upgraded channels

information. Take a listen and share with others to give them a better idea of what

Qubeey is all about:

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Qubeey Overview & Affiliate Presentation Link